Dontay Lockett

Photographer​, Designer, Illustrator, Artist

RedMen began in August, 2019 when I was painting black characters on an old pair of jeans, but with red skin. At first, my intention was for the color red to symbolize the power of being bold and being different. But as I continued painting these characters with exaggerated black features and red skin, I realized that they were no longer different, but simply a part of the majority.

Aside from representing the struggle of harnessing your power and remaining true to yourself, RedMen illustrates a world where black people and other minorities reclaim and celebrate their features and differences, rather than face exploitation because of them. RedMen is a world where women wield boxing gloves and black people pose in iconic photos. But most importantly, all of the characters in RedMen are able to struggle with their own insecurities and struggles aside from the consequences of systemic oppression.